We all would like to thank those that auditioned so much for taking this journey with us.  

Because there are 3 separate shows, each director will contact you directly via school email regarding your specific rehearsal start date and schedule.  The 2 ANNOUNCER parts are for all 3 shows so will coordinate with each director regarding rehearsals.  Rehearsals will all start on or after March 15.  

In addition to the roles cast below, many and probably most of you will also be cast in commercials once they are written.  You are more than welcome to participate in the writing process as well.  If you are interested in this writing process please contact Mr Pittman.

Technician Roles including Foley Artists (sound FX) are still available.  If you are interested contact Mr Pittman or Andrew Herschleb if you have not done so already.  

We also may still have a need for someone that can write music by ear so if you have that talent please contact one of the directors.


Announcer           Abby Gundlach 

Announcer Elizabeth Colwell

Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Tolling Bell

Directed by Ms. Gesteland

Sherlock Holmes Ryan Matz

Dr. Watson Brandon Fowler

Gillian Cameron Erickson

Mary Serissa Dunse

Mrs. Michol Emily Colwell

Mrs. Lakland Maddy Kiel

Tom Lakland Joseph Lindholm

The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe: Red Wind

Directed by Mr. Pittman

Philip Marlowe Isaac Oberman

Bartender AZ Bohl

Baldy Josiah Stevens

Waldo Liana Fast

Lola Barsaly Alannah Parlich

Eugenie Kolchenko                                            Gabby Rabuck,  

Frank Barsaly Thomas Albers

Detective Lieutenant Ybarra Kylan Bohl 

Sorry, Wrong Number.

Directed by Mr Herschleb

Mrs. Elbert Stevenson (Agnes) Lorraine Balda

Jim (Man) Kael Larson

George Katie Fullmer

Police Sergeant Martin Ben Herschleb

Telephone Operator Summer Schlieckau

Chief Operator Alexis Georgeson

Information Operator Lana Dvorak

Western Union Lily Clements

Hospital Receptionist Carra Salerno

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